Tuesday, September 11, 2012

iPhone 5 Leaked! Seriously, do they do this on purpose?


The iPhone 5 should be here tomorrow, and with Apple's press event now less than a day away, I'm caught once again pondering my love/hate relationship with Android.

The relative openness of Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean just feel right, but would Apple treat me better? It's hard being a self-proclaimed early adopter when I always seem to have to wait for all the newest and coolest apps to hit iOS first and finally filter to Android months later. And when I get stuck with an app that loves to force-close, I pine for the tighter ships that seem to sail the iOS waters.

The iPhone 4S came very close to luring me away from Google's mobile ecosystem, and the iPhone 5 could be an even bigger evolution that will be hard to resist, but it's going to have to include a few things to get me to ditch Android. Here's my list of demands.

The pics have been leaked. See more here

4G LTE is non-negotiable
This was the deal breaker on the iPhone 4S that eventually led me back into the arms of Android and the Moto Droid Razr for my most recent phone purchase. It's crazy not to be able to take advantage of the blazing fast networks that have been rolling out over the past year. Much like the iPhone itself or 3G before it, once you've gone LTE it's hard to imagine life before it. A new iPhone without it seems just silly, but not to worry -- the odds of an announcement tomorrow that doesn't involve 4G are almost nil. In fact, it's likely part of the reason less than a year has passed since the last iPhone reveal. Apple wants to ride that 4G train as bad as anyone else.

A universal charging port or removable storage
This is where Apple and I already start to butt heads. I'm happy it appears the company will finally be ditching that 30-pin connector that looks like it should be attached to a dot matrix printer, but swapping it out for another proprietary plug is about as useful to me as swapping an 8-track copy of Led Zeppelin's debut album for the Minidisc version. If Apple won't allow me to connect and charge my device via one of the most universal ports around, at least a microSD card slot would be nice for some extra storage and ease of data transfer. But I won't be holding my breath for this announcement tomorrow.

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